1 Jun 2023

Network of 7 Digital Bridge Billboards in the City of London, Ontario launching with RCC Media

RCC Media is proud to announce that 7 digital screens will be launching in strategic locations in the City of London. Our partnership with the City of London and OUTFRONT on this new network of digital spectaculars will captivate audiences with high-quality and high-resolution digital screens.

Digital billboards will be located on Wellington Rd (South of York St.), Veterans Memorial Parkway (South of Gore Rd), and Oxford St. (West of Wonderland Rd).

These 8′ H x 28′ W digital billboards in London Ontario reach audiences 24/7. Strategically located, with direct views, long lead times, and modern design, these locations are second to none.

For more information, please contact your sales representative at 416-650-6000, or email your inquiry to [email protected].