17 Apr 2023

RCC Media and OUTFRONT Partner to bring 47 Digital Billboards throughout GTA

RCC Media is very excited to announce that we have partnered with Outfront Media Canada to bring 47 digital billboards to the GTA. OUTFRONT Media is one of the biggest out-of-home media companies in North America and together, we hope to expand our digital network to new municipalities throughout the Greater Toronto Area and the Greater Hamilton Area.

You can read OUTFRONT’s press release below to find out more information about the partnership and here is a quote from RCC Media’s very own Tony Romanelli.

“RCC has been active in the out-of-home space for many years. As pioneers of the digital bridge product, we have been particularly excited by the growth and opportunity that digital out-of-home provides and developed an expertise in building digital bridge overpass signs in Canada. We enjoy strong relationships with our municipal partners, enjoy working with the communities in which we are building these assets, and are very pleased to work with Outfront to leverage their sales expertise,”

Tony Romanelli in the OUTFRONT Press Release “RCC Media/Outfront Rollout Digital Bridge Overpass and Digital Bulletin Locations Throughout the