6 Feb 2024

RCC Media Fully Launches Digital Bridge Network in Brampton

RCC Media is delighted to launch its digital bridge spectacular network in the City of Brampton. As part of an approved agreement with the city council, RCC Media is delighted to bring these over-the-road units to local and regional advertisers.

These fantastic digital screens are equipped with 10mm pixel pitch LEDs offering fantastic viewing. All are situated on CN Rail overpasses at key locations around Brampton – Airport Road, Dixie Road, Finch Avenue, Kennedy Road, McLaughlin Road, Queen Street, Rutherford Road, and Steeles Avenue. A fantastic network covering north-south and east-west.

RCC Media has partnered with OutEdge for all sales and programming activities.

For more information, please contact our office at 416-650-6000, or email your inquiry to [email protected].