8 Dec 2017

Tony Romanelli, Matthew Fusco and RCC Media help Hospice Vaughan’s “Better Ending” Campaign with Billboard Space

RCC Media donates to Hospice Vaughan which helps a community of people providing end-of-life care to those in need. We strongly believe in the mission that Hospice Vaughan has sought out to solve and RCC Media has helped in the form of providing Road Entrance Sign billboard coverage to help reach out to the people of Ontario for their support.

Growing up in Vaughan and now living in Toronto, it was important to make efforts to take care of the people and support the community who looked after me growing up.

Tony Romanelli

RCC Media is huge supporter of their cause and will continue to support them as they develop other projects. Executive Director Belinda Marchese and President of the Board Maria Castro have sent us an amazing thank you letter that we would like to share with you.