3 Apr 2007

RCC Media Inc. Launches Bridge Banner Program in Brampton


As part of the beautification of Downtown Brampton, the City of Brampton has partnered with CN Rail and RCC Media to add art and colour to the two rail bridge crossings on Queen Street East and Main Street North.

The City’s Economic Development Office, with approval of Council entered into a five-year contract with the partners as the exclusive advertiser on the bridges. An aluminum frame has been affixed to both sides of the two bridges allowing for vinyl artwork to be attached. The City is responsible for the design and creation of the artwork, which RCC Media will produce and install. Artwork on the bridges will be changed periodically over the life of the contract.

“These bridges have been a prominent feature on our urban landscape for decades,” said Mayor Susan Fennell. “The new vinyl artwork being fitted on the bridges helps to make this industrial architecture a better part of our community and compliments our efforts to revitalize our historic downtown.”

RCC Media, in conjunction with CN Rail, has been provided the opportunity to beautify rail bridges, allowing for community messaging systems. Since RCC Media’s philosophy of servicing and providing value to communities closely matched that of CN Rail, the concept of bridge messaging was created and is being introduced to a number of municipalities.

“RCC Media has solidified messaging opportunities for many cities within Canada, and continues to foster this industrious program for all other major metropolitan communities,” said RCC president Tony Romanelli. “I would like to congratulate the City of Brampton for seizing the opportunity to negotiate a deal that helps beautify the city core and communicate to its residents.”

The rail bridge artwork project is part of the City’s revitalization of Downtown Brampton through initiatives like Rose Theatre Brampton. These will encourage reinvestment and further beautify Brampton, Canada’s Flower City.

For more information on bridge advertising, feel free to call an RCC Media rep at 416-650-6000.