18 May 2023

RCC Media launches 12 Digital Bridge Billboards in the City of Markham, Ontario

As part of our continued efforts to develop innovative and cutting-edge channels of connection with neighbourhood residents, RCC Media is happy to announce, in partnership with the City of Markham and OUTFRONT, that 12 digital screens have been launched. The newest digital billboard launched is located on 14th Avenue west of Markham Road. The digital billboard in this bustling area records traffic going both East and West on both sides.

Current digital billboards are also located on Bayview Ave (North of John St.), Kennedy Rd (South of HWY 407), and Markham Rd (South of 14th Ave). Two more digital spectaculars will be going up on McCowan Rd (South of HWY 407) and Ninth Line (North of Steeles Ave E) in the near future.

These 8′ H x 28′ W digital billboards in Markham Ontario reach audiences 24/7. Strategically located, with direct views, long lead times, and modern design, these locations are second to none.

For more information, please contact your sales representative at 416-650-6000, or email your inquiry to [email protected].