14 Dec 2021

Tony Romanelli is CP24’s “Donor of the Day” for Donating Tractor-Trailer worth of Toys to CHUM Christmas Wish Toy Drive

Tony Romanelli of RCC Media became CP24’s “Donor of the Day” and did an interview with CP24 live on-air saying: “We donated a tractor-trailer full of toys! It’s our fifth year in a row doing so it’s our fifth year anniversary.” This is the fifth year anniversary of donating to the CP24 CHUM Christmas Wish and a whole tractor-trailer with 5000 toys, or approximately $140,000 worth of toys, is being donated to help struggling families have a happy holiday this Christmas season.

Tony also says that from a young age, he has always dreamed of donating a full tractor-trailer worth of toys and that his dream of doing so has been realized this year. A lot of hard work and coordination has gone into making this dream a reality and many people within and outside of the RCC Media organization worked together to find and source different kinds of toys that children of all ages would love to have under their Christmas tree.

You can watch the full interview with CP24 News here: