1 Apr 2012



RCC Media has added 60 10’ x 20’ faces to its already impressive inventory.
RCC Media has unveiled 60 new 10’x 20’ faces in the GTA, featuring a brand new, sleek and modernized look. Previously leased by Pattison Outdoor, CBS Outdoor and Astral these sites now place RCC Media as the vast majority holder of 10’ x 20’ signage in Vaughan and Markham markets. With 90-95% of all billboard signage now represented by RCC Media in Markham and Vaughan, the precocious out of home company can now offer unique reach into these sought after markets, as well as full Toronto CMA achievement. *insert PMB data on expendable income in Markham and Vaughan*

For the past 3 years, RCC Media has been aggressively adding to their roster of bridge advertising, wall murals and highway boards.  When asked about his assertive approach to expansion in the media marketplace, President Tony Romanelli states “Out of home has historically been a powerful method to reach the masses, and it remains consistent to this day. Billboards aren’t going anywhere, and neither is RCC”.

Romanelli has recently put his money where his mouth is, by becoming an accredited member of COMB, and investing heavily in getting the attention of agencies across the country through event sponsorship and educational efforts.

“Servicing the community and its members is always going to be a priority for RCC Media, however, in a changing media environment we must expand, adapt and grow to suit not only the needs of local advertisers but also those with national branding needs” says Romanelli.

RCC Media stands amongst a very select group of out of home suppliers that are not only able to supply a wide array of products that can work together to provide an impactful OOH campaign, but can also offer the flexibility and personal touch that a working with a smaller media company can allow.

With further plans for expansion in 2011 and 2012, count on RCC Media to quickly become a major player in the out of home market, both on a national and local level.